Tut, tut. Looks like rain

August 13, 2009

i got this dress for elliot because i loved the vintage pattern. once i pointed out the umbrellas on it, she had to don her rainboots and umbrella in the torrential 90-degree august sizzle. i would call it a parasol save for the fact she’s in shade.

dress4caught in a downpour of fashion.dress3let us cultivate our garden, or at least contemplate the hydrangea.




August 11, 2009

Elliot’s favorite mode of transportpool_daddy


August 9, 2009

we are family. i got all my robots and me. meet the robot family elliot made yesterday morning. the ones with no arms are the dad and mom. the bunny one is the big sister, the little one is the baby and the in-between one is the sister’s’s sidekick. i can’t remember their names but they change on a near hourly basis. they even go to the pool swimming. peter will vouch that the logistics (of carefully transporting them from the house to the pool without breaking them five times along the way into many little robot chunks all over the pavement) are mindboggling. oh, wait, they did break five times along the way into many little robot chunks all over the pavement. was it worth it? we don’t know. the robots aren’t talking.


you didn’t know trumpet cameras existed, did you? elliot had better get this idea trademarked, stat. the viewfinder is kind of awkward and she hasn’t quite figured out which button is the shutter, but nevertheless she was taking pictures of all sorts of things all over our house with it. move over, lomo.


Counter cooking

August 1, 2009

alas, the blueberry pie is no longer. it is two weeks past. i had to immortalize the process.


why would she want to eat blueberries out of her own small bowl when she could just keep plundering the large bowl?pie2

Smily pie. pie3pie4pie5pie6

Castle calisthenics

July 25, 2009



i can’t figure out if this guy is just saying, “hallelujah, i have a castle!” or if he’s filming a workout video.


One-woman band

July 24, 2009


Somebunny has it good

July 22, 2009

ah, luxurious and coddled life of a small floppy rabbit. IMG_3884IMG_3886

Bedtime hour

July 21, 2009


July 20, 2009. the wistful balloon. the darkened room.